As part of a 3-year investment in the total value of 4.5 million euros, the purchase of a new portal milling machine by manufacturer PAMA (Italy) has been realised as the last project. The machine was delivered in October 2019 and assembled by the end of January 2020. The commissioning started in February and was carried out successfully, the machine is now in operation. The new equipment allows the machining of large workpieces (10x5m), which will enable us to produce presses of larger dimensions, as well as to offer specific services for which there is less offer on the market.

Basic technical data:

– Clearance between the columns: 5.100 mm
– Max. clearance under the spindle: 2.350 mm
– Working table length: 10.000 mm
– Columns/Gantry travel (X-axis): 10.000 mm
– Headstock horizontal travel (Y-axis): 6.100 mm
– Ram vertical travel (Z-axis): 1.600 mm
– Rapid traverse axis X, Y, Z: 30.000 mm/min
– Transmission shaft rotation speed: 6.000 rpm

The machine is equipped with three interchangeable heads: vertical, right angle and universal index head. They are installed on a special cart which means they can be changed in any position of the column. The machine has got a tool magazine with space for 60 and a gripper arm for inserting the tool in the spindle.

The machine is controlled by the most up-to-date version of controller Heidenhein TNC 640 HSCI with a laser-based measuring of tools and workpiece measuring system. For better control of the operating process, a video camera with a dedicated monitor is located next to the control panel. Next to the table, 2 chip conveyors are installed and connected with the main conveyor, which transports the chips straight to the chip deposit place.