Last year, we ordered a new machine for cutting sheet metal from the producer Microstep, Slovakia. The delivery and installation of the machine were carried out in January 2018. This investment results in a higher cutting speed as well as cutting sheet metal of bigger dimensions and lower thickness.

The competitive advantage of the company SiTOR is also short delivery time, as we have a great variety of sheet metal on stock.

Basic parameters of the machine:

– working width: 5.050 mm
– working length: 9.050 mm
– materials: With plasma all types of sheet metal. With oxy-fuel mild steel.
– material thickness PLASMA: up to 80mm, piercing up to 45 mm
OXY-FUEL: up to 250 mm with one torch
– plasma source: Hypertherm HPR 400 XD for cutting with technical gases, oxygen or air, automatic gas console, plasma marking and punching, TrueHole technology
– controller: Microstep iMSNC500 (Windows 10)
– software: ASPERWIN basic module + nesting module + 3D module
– working table: Specially enhanced with complete system for suction with suction zones
– 2 x support for oxy fuel cutting: Independent Y-axle for both supports
– 1 x plasma support: With 3D rotator (infinite rotation) and intelligent tool holder (ITH) for cutting at an angle
– Cutting speed: 6 – 3.500 mm/min
– Traverse speed: 35.000 mm/min (X-axle)
40.000 mm/min (X and Y-axle together)