As part of the long-term plan of investments, our company decided to purchase a ROBOT WELDING CELL, the biggest one in Slovenia. Among various suppliers, the Japanese supplier and manufacturer of robots YASKAWA was chosen, which has its production based also in Slovenia (Ribnica). The welding cell was delivered in December 2018 and is now in the final stage of commissioning.

Technical data:

–   2x robot manipulator Yaskawa Motoman MA2010 with controllers Yaskawa DX200

–   2x additional external robot axis:

·         X= 8500 mm

·         Y= 2000 mm

·         Z= 1200 mm

–   2x welding power source Fronius TransPuls Synergic 5000

·         welding current range  3-500A

·         welding current:     40%  duty cycle: 500A, 100%  duty cycle: 360A

–   Maximum workpiece dimensions:

·         10.000 x 5.000 x 3.000 mm

–   motorized rotary positioner WD-1000

·         maximum payload  1000 kg

·         workpiece diameter  from 135 mm to 400 mm

The robot welding center allows for the cell to be split into two separate work areas.

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