Equipment for plywood production and veneering is for sale.


Basic technical data  
Clearance between opens: 300 mm
Number of opens: 5
Specific pressure: 180 N/cm^2 on the surface 2.000 x 3.000 mm
Total press force : 10.800 kN
Max. hydraulic pressure: 293 bar
Vertical stroke of heating plates: 1.560 mm
Total installed power: 49 kW
Dimensions of heating plates: 2.100 x 3.100 mm
Heating medium: hot water
Max. allowed working temperature: 134°C
Speed of transport: up to 16 m/min
Speed of closing the press: up to 50 mm/s, adjustable with throttle
Speed of pressing: 4,4 mm/s
Speed of opening the press: up to 48 mm/s
Type of transport: conveyor belt - heat resistant (polyester, teflon)

Composition of the equipment

The equipment is located in the vicinity of our company and can be inspected.

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