Hydraulic presses for the production of the sheets from thermoplasts: PP, PE, HDPE, UHMWPE

The presses are designed for the production of the sheets from thermoplasts (PP, PE, HDPE and UHMWPE) in the process of compression moulding under high pressure and temperature. This process is suitable for the production of sheets from materials with high molecular weight. Sheets made with compressing have excellent mechanical properties and minimal internal tensions. It is possible to produce sheets or shaped products in the press.

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Presses, made by SiTOR,  are distinguished by their functionality and reliability, which result from many years of experience, continuous development and implementation of high-quality materials and components. The unique design of the welded or screwed tools provide economical production of high quality products

We are the only manufacturer of presses with the built-in welded molds. These molds are distinguished by their smaller energy consumption, high rigidity, long-lasting life and easy maintenance.


01. Frame of the press
02. Mould
03. Stamp

04. Table
05. Transport device
06. Heating installation

07. Hydraulic cylinders
08. Alignment carriage
09. Control panel

Production process of sheets

Filling of mould with raw material.

Ready mould for pressing.

Sintering of material under temperature and pressure.

Unload the mould and stapling of produced sheets.

The product made in the press:

The main product of the press is the sheets from thermoplastic materials PE, HDPE, UHMWPE and PP. 
Sheets made in the press, in addition to the excellent mechanical properties also have homogeneous structure, distinguished and stable form, and are very suitable for machining - production of finished products.

The advantage of presses is the possibility of making sheets larger dimensions and thicker.

A wide range of materials with specific physico-chemical properties allow intended application even in extreme conditions.

Use of the sheets is typical and widespread in engineering, paper industry, processing and packaging of food, leather industry, chemical industry, building of channels and docks, mining, transport of bulk materials, etc.

Application fields of sheets and finished products:

• Machinery construction (guides, gears, metering screws, bearing bushings …)

• Transport and storage of bulk materials (coating of railcars, trucks, silo …)

• Shipbuilding (decks of ships and ferries, protective walls ….)

• Food industry (working desks, counters, capacities, storerooms, refrigerators …)

• Sport facilities (protective fences, plastic ice …)

• Paper industry

• Medicine - orthopedics (implatants)

• Filtering and chemical industry (filter panels, pumps for corrosive fluids)

• Shipping channels and dock ports

• Temporary roads and car parkings

Technical characteristics:

• Specific pressure: max. 1.200 N/cm2
• Temperature: max. 250ºC
• Number of openings: 1 or 2
• Number of tools: up to 4
• Inner dimensions of the mould:
° Width: max. 2.600 mm
° Length: max. 11.000 mm
° Depth: max. 400 mm