Presses for the production of furniture elements – model SF

Presses for the production of furniture elements - Model SF are intended for the production of thick (15 ÷ 40 mm) furniture elements of glued veneer. The construction of this press enables easy mounting of tool – mould. In the mould, several layers of veneer are shaped and glued together to form the desired forme of furniture element. The glue is hardened with a HF generator.

Advantages of SF press technology:

• simple mould-making

• production of thick elements possible

• short glue hardening time

• enables the production of complex forms of elements

• less wood overheating and more stable final form of element.

For the production of complex elements, the press can be additionally equipped with hydraulic cylinders for side pressing. The side cylinders are mounted in a way which allows the regulation of height and angle pressing on the mould. Press controller enables the technological parameters to be entered: clamping force, clamping time, heating power, heating time and the time of element stabilization.

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Technical characteristics:

• Size of pressing table: 850 x 2.000 (2500) mm
• Press daylight: 600 ÷ 2.000 mm
• Vertical cylinder pressing force: 1.200 kN, 1.800 kN, 2.400 kN
• Side cylinder pressing force: 600 or 900 kN
• Vertical cylinder stroke: 600 ÷ 1.400 mm
• Side cylinder stroke: 600 mm