Hydraulic presses for production of rubber products

Hydraulic presses are intended for production of rubber products. Compression molded and vulcanization of the product is in mould between two heated plates. The mould is indirectly heated. Presses are usually with multiple openings. Heated plates may be fixed or moving out/in of the press.


Version of press with horizontal movable heated plate makes it easier to install the mould, continuously heating the mould and handling of products. Move of heated plates is performed by hydraulic cylinders. Guides to move the heated plates are made of special material and do not require lubrication. On heated plates are T-slots for easy mounting the moulds.

In version of press with horizontal non-movable heated plates, the mould is manually.

Hydraulic presses for special purposes.

Heated plates are made of sheet steel with drilled channels. Heating of the plates can be with the electric heating elements or by the media (steam, water, thermal oil).

Hydraulic equipment allows quick closing presses by locking cylinder and compression up by main hydraulic cylinder.

Control of the press with a process controller and allows:

• Operating mode: manual or automatic

• Setting of the technological parameters: temperature, pressure and time

• Automatic execution of evacuation cycles

• Tele-Service (modem)

Technical characteristics:

• Heated plates – size: up to 2.500 x 2500 mm
• Number of openings: up to 10
• The opening: 70 to 200 mm
• Specific pressure: 200 to 400 N/cm2
• Heating: electro-resistance, steam, water, oil
• Working temperature: up to 180 °C