Press line for laminating

The line is based on a multi-open through-feed hydraulic press and is designed for to laminating the panels with phenolic film or decorative foils.

Panel transport in-out of the press is carried out via conveyer belt, in-feed and out-feed device and  transport bands on the heating plates in the press. The bands on the heating plates are made of temperature-resistant material and are fixed on special clamping bars. The bars are designed to assure quick exchange of bands and permanent tensioning force.


Description of the loading and unloading of the press: via conveyer belt in front of the in-feed device are loaded the multi open device. The in-feed device levels with the press opens and all panels are transported into the press at the same time. The closing of the press, pressing and adhesive bonding set in. When the cycle of hot pressing is finished, the press opens and levels with the out-feed device. All the panels are transported in out-feed device at the same time. From the out-feed device, the panels are individually transported onto the conveyer belt.


• Rub (abrasion) free panel transport – damage free product surface

• Various types of end surface of panels: smooth or non-slip or structural surface

• Ground level installation – no pit required

• Besides lamination even making a layered composite plates  

Line composition

slika 3

01.   Chain conveyer
02.  Panel feed device
03.  Lifting table with chain conveyer
04.  positioning transporter
05.  Brushing machine

06.  Foil-lying machine
06.1 Console crane
07.  Conveyer belt
08.  In-feed device
09.  Hydraulic press
09.1 Heating system for heating plates

10.  Out-feed device
11.  Conveyer belt
12.  Lifting table with roller conveyer
13.  Roller transporter
14.  Line control

sl. 4 Linija
Multi-open press with conveyer belts for simultaneous charging and discharging the presses.


Device for stacking finished panels.

Technical characteristics:

• Number of opens:   up to 10
• Specific surface pressure:  220 N/cm2 (or on customer’s request)
• Working temperature of heating plates:  up to 125 °C
• Heating plate size:  width up to 2.100 mm, length up to 3.500 mm